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Please scroll through all the packages and pricing. There is a little something for everyone. I am very excited to work with you and document your journey of life through photography. 

Please note that each session or package will come with a private viewing gallery and all high resolution digital downloads. 

I look forward to meeting you and photographing your special moments. 

Belly Session

You are only pregnant with this beautiful baby once. Plus adding that gorgeous pregnancy glow why not remember this once in a life time moment with a one hour session. $175


Not many people decline a photographer for their wedding mainly because we don’t want to ever forget our wedding, Those photos have a special place in our heart. There shouldn’t be any doubt to photograph the birth of your child/children  By using photography you can capture every moment, the pain, love and joy. I will be on call 24/7 starting at 38 weeks before baby. To make sure I will be there for your birth I will only schedule 2 per month. Please book your due date as soon as you are interested.  This session comes with a USB full of all the single images plus s short video of images to a song. $2500

In hospital

Once your little kiddo has decided to enter our world its time to book type of session. This session will be captured the day after your baby is born. I will be on call 24/7 once you tell me you are in labor. Please inform me of your due date a head of time so I can plan accordingly. $200


Newborn photography is captured in your home. This session lasts about 2-3 hours. I block off this amount of time for necessary cuddling and feeding. I want mommy and baby to be comfortable and happy. Most props and backdrops will be included. Only two changes of backdrops and props will be allowed. $325

Belly to baby

What a great Combination, the glow of being pregnant and the joy of holding your new baby. Your One hour belly session will capture your baby bump in all the right places. Plus having your one hour hospital session to capture the he joy of your new arrival. $300

Newborn to 1st birthday

Nothing like watching your child grow and not knowing how fast it really happened. With this session you will come to my home studio with your prop of choice that you will provide (People mostly use a large stuffed animal or a child’s chair).  There will be ten 20 minute sessions and two 1 hour sessions. The one hour sessions will be newborn and 1st birthday. After the 12th session you will receive a  collage of each digital image going by month. $675

Belly to 1st birthday

With this package we will capture all the large mile stones going from belly to first birthday. This package includes 6 hour sessions;  Belly, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year. $900

Cake smash

Your little kiddo is turning 1 so its time for them to try their first cake. With this one hour photography session in studio or on location you can capture the little messy face we love so much. Cake and some props will be included. $175

Children & Family

This is an opportunity where you can to freeze time. Take the time to make an annual photo shoot. Each year you will see your children and family grow before your eyes. Make a statement and have this memory forever. A photograph lasts forever but we grow older every year.

Half Hour Session - $100

1 Hour Session - $175


Book a session to capture the special moments in your life. Do you and your husband love to cook dinner together, is bed time a special time for you or  what about nursing your young child. Take the time to capture these moments with a professional photographer. 

1 Hour - $175

2 Hours - $300

For wedding photography please click want to chat! above. This will send a direct email to me. Thanks.

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