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Hello Tumbling Tykes parents. It was a pleasure taking your children's photos last week. In order to redeem your 8x10 that came with your prepaid package, please pick the photo you want to purchase; Simply press "buy this photo" then select 8x10. When checking out type "Package" in the coupon area. If you do not type in the coupon you will be paying for your 8x10. This will deduct the price off your total cost. Please look around when making your purchase of photographs. I offer some really neat gifts that can be given to your family members for the holidays. Happy shopping!

To parents who did not participate. If you have not prepaid and want to buy the package offered last week please contact me via email: meekerphotography@gmail.com. Currently your gallery will not allow you to purchase  photos until I receive your package payment. Thank you for your time and I hope you all book sessions next year ;-) As a Christmas gift for you please check your email for my next upcoming special.

Cassandra Meeker

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