Meet Cassandra - Cassandra Meeker Photography

I have 4 crazy, but amazing kids. I am also a wife, maid, chef, nurse, and teacher which makes me a stay at home mom. And yet in my spare time I do what I love and that is making memories for people by capturing the beauty of your family in a picture. I have many interest and hobbies. I can see so many more business adventures and ideas in the near future, but right now I can't wait to photography your family to make your memories 

My photography business was started unexpectedly. I was asked by a friend to take her camera and help photograph a wedding with her. This was her first solo wedding and needless to say she was a bit nervous. So, I was there for emotional support more than anything. A couple hours into the wedding I realized I was fully enjoying myself. Here I am just out of high school and I finally found my "hobby" that witll soon be my job. I bought my first Camera and started to teach myself all about photography. Then my whole life unraveled from there.

2007 - I met my husband, Mike (but at the time I didn't know that)

2008 - I bought my first camera, and my photography hobby began!

2009 - My hobby became a business!

2010 - Mike and I got engaged! Then a short time after I Graduated Saint Rose with my Bachelors in Speech and Language Pathology. 

2011 - I married the love of my life, and I became Mrs. Cassandra Meeker!

2012 -  We bought our first home in Galway, NY.

2013 - Our Son Carson was born.

2014 -  We rescued our family dog, Moto. 

2015 - Our Daughter Macy was born. Later into that year we decided as a family that my husband would pursue his career and business venture with State Farm.

2016 - We sold our house, My husband opened his agency. 30 days later our third child, Owen was born. Two weeks after his birth we relocated to our new home in Milford NY

2017 - Our last child Nora was born. 

2018 - Finally I got to re-launch and pursue my photography business in the Oneonta Area 

Needless to say The Meeker's don't like to do one thing at the time. They say "go big or go home"  so we went big. I can't wait to photography your family to make your memories forever etched in a photo. 

- Cassandra Meeker 

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