Hey my name is Cassandra

Most people call me Cassie


I'm a family, wedding and motherhood photographer who finds calm near the lake, by a creek, or surrounded by the peaceful embrace of the woods and mountains. Maybe even a nice herbal tea in hand. It's my way of centering myself and breathing in the fresh air.

However, when I step back into my home, it's a whole different scene. Nothing short of chaos. I have an adventurous outdoorsy husband, two playful dogs, and four kids (yes, you read that right, four!), ranging from ages 10 and 6, which ensures there's never a dull moment. We are raising our family in the cute village of Milford, right in the middle of Oneonta and Cooperstown in New York. 


I love telling stories through my lens – not the posed stuff, but the genuine, unfiltered moments that unfold naturally. For me it's not just about snapping pics; it's about freezing those split seconds that mean the world. Whether it's how you brush your daughter’s hair out of her eyes, or kiss your son on his forehead. I want to capture those moments that make you feel something. The magic of authenticity plays a huge role especially when I get to see your connection.

Let's celebrate the beauty of the everyday, the unscripted, and the perfectly imperfect moments that make life so dang special.