My heart is in a different place, a better place.

So last year, I decided to take my photography in a different direction. I realized something needed to change because I wasn't getting the same warm and fuzzy feelings in previous years of photographing families. It wasn't anything that I was doing wrong. It was a more my feelings of life changed. I wanted to hold onto those small memories of motherhood that were fleeting right before my eyes. When stepping back and really seeing my family, it made me want to start seeing families I photograph in a different light too. I was getting tired of every session being a perfectly posed portrait. Life is not perfect. Life is far from perfect. Life is an ever changing. Life is messy and so beautiful. Life is full of big moments; like marrying someone you've loved since high school. But it's also full of small moments that we never want to forget. That moment of “man his hair is getting so long” and you brush it out of his eyes. Or maybe a moment where she is unsteadily walking on a rock bed near a stream, and she reaches up for hand. I want to give you something that I want as a mom. I want to fill your gallery with memories of what was to be able to hold it close to your heart forever. 

Now speaking of my heart. Here they are! Five people I love beyond measure. This fall I was able to get them dressed and out the door for some photos. I hope you enjoy and see their personalities shine though like I do. Last but not least I want to thank my 10 year old son, Carson, who took this photo of my husband and I. When I look at this picture, I think it really does capture the essence of our relationship. We love to be together; we love to laugh together, and we love doing life together. I'm extremely thankful for what he has provided for our family with. We live a blessed life surrounded by family who love and support us. Honestly what more could I ask for.